Antique car restoration business plan

The end result is directly related to the tools you have available.

So You Want to Start a Restoration Shop?

Growing up in the trade, my earliest memory was of Dad was him managing what looked at the time to be a huge body shop at a Ford dealership in Aurora, Ohio. I remember the premiere of the Ford Mustang.

In short, take the time to educate yourself in all aspects of the industry. My goal is to help people get over, under, and through those obstacles so that they can get up and running towards chasing their high octane fueled dreams. Apply with your licensing department.

Label all chemicals and liquids. Post all state required, employee signage in your back room.

Three Ways to Make Money With Classic Cars

If your business sign says you open at 8 a. I have been fortunate that my customers have been awesome and most became my friends. To your success and bright future!

Keep your shop clean. Advertise in car magazines. People would love to make a go of something if they thought it could work! Procure metal-working tools, lifts, an air compression system, custom painting supplies, rust removers, sanders, sanding blocks, masking tape, chemicals, storage drums, in addition to general auto repair equipment and safety gear.

I restored my 1st Amphi and then was asked to do a friends and so on My dad was a great teacher; hard at times, but a really good teacher.

I am able to offer a personalized service. How are you actually going to make money?

How to Start Up a Restoration Auto Shop

Obtain apprentice permits for technicians who lack the required on-the-job experience. When I became a teenager, my dad started his own body shop in Ravenna, Ohio.

If you start out with a plan for your career early, you will have a better chance to be a success. You have to be able to not only make it pretty, but functional and "correct" as well.

Wheeler wanted the car completely taken apart and painted with 30 coats of hand-rubbed black lacquer. At the peak of my career, I was doing crash repair and major restoration work on exotic cars. Develop a contingency plan for spills, estimate forms, state-approved invoices and a price list.Three Ways to Make Money With Classic Cars Posted by Robert Kibbe on January 10, with 2 Comments Yes, chasing your dreams will put a smile on your face, but unlike Burt here I’d recommend that you not make money by running blocker for illegal alcohol deliveries.

Phaethon's Chariot Restorations automobile restoration business plan executive summary. Phaethon's Chariot Restorations restores classic pre American cars, and custom builds hot rods. We have a metal fabricator who will build any part that we can't locate for your car.

All of our restoration technicians go through a rigorous /5(28). This bundle offers you everything you need including a sample antique car restoration service plan, business plan template to quickly create, edit, and print an professional formatted business plan, step-by-step business plan guide to walk you through the processes of creating a business plan one step at a time, A business plan presentation template, financial statement worksheets covering.

Classic car owners and muscle car enthusiasts will pay good money to professional auto shops that can restore their prized possessions. The restoration process can take months and many auto restoration shops have year-long waiting lists.

If you’ve got the skills or know technicians who do and you know a. Apr 13,  · If we're discussing the restoration business generally, it does seem quite cyclical.

People restore cars either when they have lots of money sitting around or else when they have an emotional reason to restore a particular car and times are good; when the economy goes south, the business runs into hard times, too.

Phaethon's Chariot Restorations automobile restoration business plan strategy and implementation summary. Phaethon's Chariot Restorations restores classic pre American cars, and custom builds hot rods. Auto Restoration--Antique & Classic, or Auto Body Repair & Paint.

These two publications both have directories. Car Wash Business /5(28).

Antique car restoration business plan
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