Compare and contrast of two books by the same author

Negative Impact A less favourable outcome is reduced enjoyment that comes from comparison. Publishers Encourage Comparisons Theoretically, each new book could be published under a different name. You can compare subjects point by point or subject by subject.

This type of analysis is challenging, because it requires multiple levels of thinking.

Popular Compare and Contrast Books

Both are works of fantasy, though the former is targeted as NA while the latter as YA. At the same time, comparing books from one author also allows us to see the differences. The recognition factor is missing, so to help these books stand out, they print names of popular authors.

They were stylistically straight to to the point and I liked her approach to characters and setting. Thus, thought I might find it in Vicious too, although I hardly care for stories involving superheroes.

For instance, in the Frankenstein-Mr. I saw her brilliance in The Archived and The Unbound. Over time, authors hopefully mature and surpass their previous accomplishments. Point by Point A compare-contrast essay can be organized in two ways: Use Graphic Organizers Once you have chosen your books and your elements for analysis, you will need to closely study the texts, particularly the elements you will be comparing.

I absolutely want to read it but only because she wrote it.

How to Compare and Contrast Two Books

I adored her first three contemporary books. Then she brought out a mystery novel. Both Frankenstein and Dorian Gray transform from innocence to culpability. What is similar about their secrecy? The ideas you uncover will help you form your thesis.

The compare-contrast paper is analytical, and should not simply sound like a list of points. Or do they compare and like all his books precisely because they like a particularly sort of main character that they can consistently find in his books?

Compare-contrast essays require students to analyze texts and draw conclusions based on similarities and differences between elements within the texts. Should we even seek to detach authors from their other works?

How much are we influenced by external forces? Does man have inherent good and evil tendencies? The answers to these questions will help support your thesis. As you begin to separate the similarities and differences in the work, you will begin to see patterns forming on which you can draw conclusions.

Hyde comparison, make all the points you wish to about Frankenstein and then make all the points you wish to about Mr. You could discuss the idea of grotesque appearance in both stories.

If you choose a subject-by-subject approach, include a paragraph that ties the ideas together. When an author is established, then the name alone might be able to carry sales. They want to cut the ties to expectations that arise from selling a different kind of book under their established name.

Both books were penned by Sarah J.Comparing Different Books by Same Author. December 26, Same Author, because they both have two very different stories at their core despite being in the same universe.

It’s fantastic to see authors get better and better with their craft. And sometimes I compare author’s books and it really isn’t fair because like it’s a. Let's think about two books you might have read by the author Dr.

Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat.

Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat are both fiction books, which means they are not true. Dr.

Seuss made up both of those stories, and they did not really happen! Another thing that is the same is that both books rhyme. Compare and Contrast YOU! – For this exercise, we want you to try to write a few sentences that compare you to someone and then a paragraph that contrasts you to someone. An example has been provided for you.

Jenny and Bobby's Big Day – Two stories written by the same author. Read each story and then fill in the diagram with ways the. Feb 22,  · IM WRITING A COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY FOR MY ENGLISH CLASS. I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT TWO OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS. HOW WOULD YOU COMPARE TWO BOOK AUTHORS? Two books from the same author to write an essay on?

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Two books to compare (Year 11 standard) Any genre?? Please suggest!?Status: Resolved. Author and Text Study: Compare & Contrast Literature Students can compare and contrast the themes, settings, and plot of stories written by the same author about the same or similar characters.

Find this Pin and more on Rl compare elements-same author by Trisha Watson. For a compare and contrast essay, you will need to find elements within the books that have some type of similarity, such as the characters or themes.

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Compare and contrast of two books by the same author
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