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Concepts and clinical practice. Prout and Strohmer note that persons with mental retardation often have been served in the mental retardation, developmental disability, and rehabilitation service delivery systems. Other Requirements Your paper should meet the following requirements: Another model is the integrative model that engages a range of concepts, theories, and strategies during the process of supervision to indicate a reflective method practiced by clinicians.

When looking at the different types of models, we will describe the benefits to both the supervisee and the supervisor.

Role of consultation and advocacy

Advocates can act on behalf of individual clients. In this paper, we will look at and evaluate different types of supervision models. Benefits and Justification of Advocacy In a court room, a counselor can be put on the stand to justify mental instability in the defendant.

The focus of this model is on concepts such as transference and parallel procession in the process of supervision. Interventions will be addressed and the team will be advised and trained on how to implement the interventions recommended in the FBA.

This knowledge will help you when taking on your own clients and it will also ensure that your clients are receiving a counselor with not only credentials, but knowledge and experience that will be able to walk them through their difficulties and lead them in the best direction towards healing.

This can deepen their knowledge in the field and can also give them the ability to collaborate with other staff when it comes to tough issues they may be facing with clients. Part of these ethics include compliance with legal, ethical and professional standards for clinical practice.

Consultation and Advocacy Essay Sample

This could increase their depression further or make them dependent on the medication to solve their problems. It also ensured safety is maintained when people working under a particular person do not cause harm that could result into an impact on the client if the attendant is not supervised.

Distinguish between advocacy and consultation in your specialization. Merriam-Webster defines advocacy as supporting a cause or proposal. Practice such as collaboration with multiple groups may promote marginalization of vulnerable community members are used by advocates to achieve desired goals Moe et al.

The teacher is concerned that there may be a need for testing, tutoring, or counseling, but is not sure of how to proceed. Both advocacy and consultation can be looked at as being the same yet different.

Others will be able to see how damaging their words are and what type of harm this can cause. As I become a professional in mental health counseling, I see myself being more of an advocate.

If medication is needed, it will be gradually prescribed in order for a lack of dependence on the drug. Ethical standards demand that counselors take on an advocacy role for the client. In order to address multicultural issues within the area of practice and address multicultural populations is by advocating for the management of the institution to employ workers from various cultural backgrounds in various positions such as professional positions and also allowing people from multicultural background contribute equally in advocating for changes in the institution.

This part of the assignment involves analyzing a case situation, and explaining how consultation and advocacy could play a role in supporting the wellness of the clients in the case you choose. Consider the case of a developmentally disabled adult whose behaviors have become increasingly problematic in his residential and day program setting.

In addition, counselors who received training were provided with the competence to use resources effectively and become motivated to the organizations they are working for as well as their peers. Case Study Rebecca is a 16 year old female.Below is an essay on "Consultation and Advocacy in the Counseling Profession" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Consultation and Advocacy in the Counseling Profession Michael /5(1).

Supervision, Consultation, and Advocacy

This paper explains the concepts and relationship between social justice advocacy and consultation, two necessary skills that an effective counselor develops and practices to achieve their professional goals, to recognize, understand, and assist the demands of the client or consumer.

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Consultation and Advocacy Essay Sample. Advocacy is defined as a stress critical self-reflection on one’s personal relationship to oppression within the socio-political context of the mainstream or dominant culture.

Consultation & Advocacy Essay Consultation and Advocacy COUN Abstract This paper discusses the importance of both social justice and consultation in the field of counseling. The introduction is an explanation of social justice advocacy, consultation, how it is related to the. Consultation and Advocacy COUN Abstract This paper discusses the importance of both social justice and consultation in the field of counseling.

The introduction is an explanation of social justice advocacy, consultation, how it is related to the Marriage and Family counseling, and the different strategies and steps counselors take to.

Consultation and advocacy essay
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