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The first option for procuring a building would be to do a sale-leaseback for five years. In this case the Current Ratio is outstanding, year 12 is 5. Liquidity shows how fluid a company is with respect to its short-term obligations, d they have enough to pay for day to day business. A concern of all lenders is the ability of the borrower to repay the loan.

Since expanding or not expanding are the only options currently, with the IRR of If the costs decrease or if the price to the customer rises, or a combination of both, the profit for Custom Snowboards will increase.

Financial ratios are useful, when properly used. In general, a higher the IRR makes a project more desirable over the other investments, provided the investment reaches or exceeds the minimum acceptable rate of return also known as the cost of capital.

The Accounts Receivable might cause some uneasiness to those willing to loan money to Custom Snowboards. The higher the percentage the better job management is doing. The second option, purchasing a building, should also have an NPV calculation run for it. If the Trend Analysis percentages are extended to the rest of the accounts equally; not realistic, only used for projections; the Net Earnings increases, slowly.

Custom Snowboards might be able to negotiate longer terms with their vendors. Next, looking at the Gross Profit Margin, a company might rely on this formula to determine if their mark-up on the prices if feasible or Custom snowboards revised storyline 031.

The Inventory Turnover ratio will tell the analyst reviewing the ratios how frequently the product is convert, or turned-over, in a given period.

Simply put, for every dollar the company has they have 3. The third option has two combinations that they are willing to consider.

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This person had not been the kind of person to do such a poor choice, but in his mind the act was justified because he met the three sides of the fraud triangle, incentive to commit the fraud, opportunity to commit the fraud, and rational or justification to commit the fraud.

Incentives need to be handled properly and fairly without discrimination or favoritism. While Custom snowboards revised storyline 031 year 13 to year 14 the drop in sales could be of concern to potential investors.

The banker might be distressed at the amount of inventory on hand because the more inventory just sitting around, the increased chance that the inventory could be damaged, stolen, or left behind when technology improves. This seems low, even for a cost of living expense, but it could be possible that the executives elected to take a slightly smaller raise for themselves so they could give a better increase to their support staff.

The difference in the Quick Ratio and the Current Ratio show that the company has quite a bit of inventory on hand. But the costs that are associated with those bike are not broken down in the same percentages. This could be caused by poor internal controls or simple laziness.

Since European SnowFun is already operating in the EU they would have an understanding of the rules and regulations that need to be met.

Purchase tab of the Excel workbook. The growth from year 12 to year 13 shows a good probability to meet their obligation. The accounts Receivables have decreased slightly over the last few years, but there is always room for improvement. There should be periodical updates to the goals so the employees can see the progress, and it will hopefully increase morale too.

And if another website is viewed they will probably have another list. Looking to the past may be helpful in foreseeing the possible future. This data alone does not evoke the best financial picture for Custom Snowboards, but the positive side is they do have income. If this trend repeats itself, then the revenue to go up again in year 15 followed by a decrease in year Also, a stock swap would delude the shares held by the Custom Snowboard investors.

On time and early payments to vendors shows an ability and want to pay their bills. This is similar to the Current ratio in that it measures the ability of a company to repay its short-term debt with its liquid assets, but removes a few accounts; inventory and prepaids, and so sometimes considered more accurate.

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If the outcome is negative, then the PV factor is too high. With the downturn in sales, the Accounts Payable always followed with a downturn as well.

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Adding the European location with their consistent growth, and their market share, the sales are bound to increase.Report for CFO Introduction: In this task you will prepare a report for the chief financial officer (CFO) to present to a bank vice president who may consider extending a long-term loan to Custom Snowboards, Inc.

Custom Snowboards Inc. offers the most durable and reliable snowboard on the market. The company offers a month guarantee against breakage with a free replacement warranty. Bindings and boots are purchased by the customer at the retail store since these are personal decisions and the company management wants to focus on its core.

Custom Snowboards Essay Sample. Custom Snowboards is a company that uses financials to their benefit, they would naturally prepare a yearly budget and most likely a five-year budget with expected sales and costs, as well as the direction of the company and a growth plan. Custom Snowboards should clean up their financials before.

Winter Sports is well above Custom Snowboards with %. The bank will not look upon the idea that the company cannot turn sales into profits as a positive. Earnings per share (EPS) indicates profitability for the shareholders. At and, Custom Snowboards has proven it can create wealth for its investors.

Directional Snowboards: Directional snowboards have a stance that is setback off the center leaving you with a longer nose and a tapered tail. This is the standard shape for.

Custom Snowboards Inc has not allowed the cost of overhead to rise faster than the sales increase. The net earnings of Custom Snowboards Inc have decreased over the last three years. Line 41 of the horizontal analysis shows a % decrease between years 12 and 13, and a % decrease between years 13 and

Custom snowboards revised storyline 031
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