Design and implementation of a computerized

The study will standardize and minimize our resources which would have been used for curing the bacteria disease. To build an upright workforce in both public and private sector of the economy.

This manual method made the whole thing very difficult to handle. With the increase in staff in our institution, the above method has been proven very difficult and tedious to work upon.

The four basic management function are to plan, organize, direct and control the work of others. Poor statistics about a particular staff: Too much money was spent on transportation to the case study. Project are always unique, be definition, an contrasted to normal on going departmental activities.

In some regions of the world, cattle are not considered for use in the production of food.


When finding from this study are implemented, it will help the staff in ANPPCAN, Enugu to solve the problem associated with inability to keep accurate reports and records effectively and acid loss of data or reported cases, and also the Nigeria to be aware of the rate of child trafficking.

United states legaldefined fraud an international misrepresentation of material existing facts made by one person to another with the knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injuries or damages.

In it was renamed, the polytechnic by the Imo state government. A containing 20 rooms. To examine the cause of not obtaining enough techniques used as evidenc 4. To achieve this, an object oriented programming language like visual basic 6. In African context, children are so regarded that a family without a child is seen as incomplete institution.

Child abuse is defined as the portion of harm done to a child who may be from human action or inaction that is proscribed or proximate and preventable. According to the bible psalm Child maltreatment, 3, In these regions are more efficient animal products than meats. Today with the development of computer system, we are able to use computerized methods that not only described importance features of the data a but methods that allows into processed beyond the collected.

The impact of computer or organization and societies has been phenomenon. Project management in different from the management of a functional department.

A complainant is a person who lodges a complaint. To identify illegally acquired wealth and confiscate it. This allows for easy retrieval of staff files when the need arises. Speed of communication and the number of stages in the communication chain.

Though this software is designed using Federal Polytechnic Owerri as a case study any other institution or firm can use the software with just a little modification. Traditional husbandry practices are closely associated with the degree of control needed over the animals have multiple uses; for example, animals is kept primarily, for work also supply milk, meat and nothing materials.ABSTRACT This research study look into the design and implementation of computerized visa processing system to members of the public seeking for visa or renew for Nigerians within or abroad.

The traditional methods of issuing and renew visa do not go well with Nigerian. Chapter three discusses the. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - In Nigeria today, nearly all the hotels want there activities to be computerized.

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MODERN POULTRY FARM (A CASE STUDY IMO POULTRY FARM LTD) ABSTRACT The magical impact of computer has made enormous contribution to all aspect of the society people can now do things easily unlike in the past. PROECT TOPIC: DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF COMPUTERIZED STAFF RECORD SYSTEM includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material availableReviews: 7.

design and implementation of a computerized traffic offence system CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION. Computerised Traffic Offence System is a powerful web based and database program that records all the traffic offences committed nationwide.


The system helps the Federal Road Safety Commission keep adequate records of all traffic. Apr 11,  · Design and implementation of computerized medical diagnostic system for bacteria illness has been a burden to many computer personnels this computer age. Many health centres and hospital and their diagnostic system being computerized but find it very hard to find a good designer to meet their demand.

Design and implementation of a computerized
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