Desko case analysis

This disadvantage is however compensated for by the other advantages of the system. Ion source A good ion source should provide a strong ion beam without consuming Desko case analysis of the gas. The Desko case analysis consumption is chiefly caused by the pressure difference between the ion generating and ion accelerating spaces that has to be maintained.

The mean free path of electrons must be shorter than the discharge space to achieve ionization lower limit for pressure while the pressure must be kept low enough to avoid formation of discharges at the high extraction voltages applied between the electrodes.

Titanium, scandium, and zirconium form stable chemical compounds called metal hydrides when combined with hydrogen or its isotopes. The soft iron shields the acceleration space from the magnetic field, to prevent a breakdown.

In February researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute demonstrated the use of two oppositely poled crystals for this application. In comparison with their predecessors, sealed neutron tubes do not require vacuum pumps and gas sources for operation. The gas reservoir element also uses metal hydrides, e.

Depletion of the reactant gas within the solid target is also avoided. A plasma is formed along the axis of the anode which traps electrons which, in turn, ionize gas in the source. Fusor Another type of innovative neutron generator is the inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device. However, in cases when it is desired to deliver the maximum flux to a sample, it is desirable to operate the neutron tube with the target grounded and the source floating at high positive potential.

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The electrode shape and distance from target can be chosen so the entire target surface is bombarded with ions. The anisotropy of the neutron emission from DD and DT reactions arises from the fact the reactions are isotropic in the center of momentum coordinate system COM but this isotropy is lost in the transformation from the COM coordinate system to the laboratory frame of reference.

The control console allows the operator to adjust the operating parameters of the neutron tube. Some neutron tubes incorporate an intermediate electrode, called the focus or extractor electrode, to control the size of the beam spot on the target.

Neutron tubes have several components including an ion source, ion optic elements, and a beam target; all of these are enclosed within a vacuum tight enclosure. Gold targets under such condition show four times higher efficiency than titanium.

The ion beam has a slightly diverging angle about 0.

Neutron generator

The neutron tube is, in turn, enclosed in a metal housing, the accelerator head, which is filled with a dielectric medium to insulate the high voltage elements of the tube from the operating area.

One of the cathodes is a cup made of soft ironenclosing most of the discharge space. The neutron production rate can also be controlled. The accelerators typically require power supplies of - kV. The ions pass through the accelerating electrode and strike the target.

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Desko case analysis
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