Essay on growth of islamic banking in pakistan

By considering this result they could get the competitive strategic planning. The Islamic financial system is founded on the absolute prohibition of the payment or receipt of any predetermined, guaranteed rate of return.

Islamic law prohibits the act of Riba, which literally means an excess or an increase.

Islamic Banking In Pakistan Essay On Their Growth And Role

After independence of Pakistan, private banks were dominated than they nationalized in and again privatized due to low growth and performance. Customers mostly expect more about response from bank employee in delivering service and convenience, as more of young respondents are looking for internet and mobile banking rather ATM, and professionals and executives are mostly transacting in high amount so they go for direct interaction with bank service provider, and customers also expect for attention and quick response from employee.

Islamic Banking

Role of Islamic Banking in Pakistan It is this Islamic banking that has been used as a tool for just promoting financial inclusion. Major part of industrial is operating in these cities, along with their field areas spread across the country.

The IMF, however, expressed considerable uneasiness about the concentration of bank assets on short-term trade credits rather than on long-term financing.

The customers must know whether the products and services are right for them, while its duty of providers to educate the customers about their products and services in order to have revenue and to be sustainable in the future. Once again the study concluded that the effectiveness of monetary policy in Pakistan was not impaired by the changeover.

Moreover, Rs billion are Islamic asset in Pakistan. The authors noted that the PLS system and the new modes of financing had accorded considerable flexibility to banks and their clients. But, PSC has drawn lots of controversies by the way it was implemented revolving the shariah compliant issues.

This closes the door to the concept of interest and precludes the use of debt-based instruments. Convenience, Reliability, and Competence are most important dimensions on which banks should keep the consideration. Customers often look for signs of quality and services.

Banks are mostly unaware about what customers perceive and expect about their service quality should be. Although there are many concepts and designs of service quality applicable to both products and services, it can be argued in demand of services when compared to products.

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Islamic Banking and Profitabiltiy in Pakistan By: Banking in Pakistan — Islamic and Conventional banking Essay:At first there was the conventional banking system working in Pakistan but in ,s very late but at last it was pointed out that being Islamic state Pakistan should observe Islamic mode of banking and eradicate interest (riba) from its system.

Through this ranking, we can say that Pakistan has been making well in the Islamic banking sector. Growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. Islamic Banking In Pakistan Essay On Their Growth And Role, we have the largest Islamic bank which is Meezan Bank, it has been assuming its mainstream prominence globally in a prominent way.

Islamic Banking in Pakistan

In the last two decades, Islamic banks have grown in size and number around the world. Islamic banks operate in over 60 countries, but in Iran, Pakistan and Sudan, the entire system has been converted to Islamic banking. Islamic banking has achieved substantial growth in Pakistan and all over the world in the last two decades or so.

Despite the financial and economic crisis of and afterwards, the Islamic banking industry has witnessed exemplary and uninterrupted growth. In Pakistan, it has achieved market share of almost 9% in the banking industry.

Since its inception in JulyBIMB has not only become the symbol of Islamic banking in Malaysia but has also played an integral role in setting the stage for a robust growth of the country's Islamic financial services industry/5(1). Pakistan is one of the 57 Islamic countries having a total population of over million where majority of population practice Islam.

Steps for Islamization of banking in Pakistan were initialized during

Essay on growth of islamic banking in pakistan
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