Introduction to the study of tardiness

This research will determine the level of the tardiness of UP Cebu students and if it is an urgent call of concern for the institution.

Introduction of Tardiness of the Students

These could be altered if tardiness amongst students abounds. This research will help students realize the effects of their tardiness on themselves and also on the community.

She does her usual routines but she forgot to answer the questions for her assignment on mathematics last night and now she has to quickly make it up. She finds himself in the middle of stagnant traffic and her home is pretty far from her school.

The results of this research may also help them understand their usual reasons for tardiness and hopefully help and motivate them to adjust their habits. After all errands, he heads her way to her school. She was asked to watch out for her siblings and help them prepare for school.

In addition, Nakpodia and Dafiaghor stated that tardiness eventually leads to absenteeism. The school cannot serve its function as well as it should be expected if tardiness among students is prevalent. Significance of the Study The University of the Philippines Cebu has the reputation of being an institution of responsible and intelligent students and of maintaining the tradition of producing competent and professional citizens for the country.

The results of this research may help the administrators see if the students are becoming too tardy that it may be a threat to the quality and competency level of the school. The University of the Philippines Cebu, as part of the premiere educational institution in the country, has a reputation of having intelligent and competent students and producing the best professionals.

This is a big detriment for a tardy student in the long run and a setback for the school as a professional institution. Moreover, this research may also be a help to teachers. To determine if there a correlation between the course of students and their tardiness.

As part of the UP Cebu community, the researchers decided conduct a research wants to find out if the tardiness of UP Cebu students is significant enough to cause a call of concern for the institution.

Lastly, this research may also help future researchers that seek to study the tardiness in UP Cebu, or in any other institution, and its reasons.

A study conducted by Weade showed that there is a high probability that a tardy student will also be tardy at work. To determine the possible reasons and factors that influence the tardiness of students. In addition, other schools and even workplaces can adapt the study and find out the tardiness of their students and members and pinpoint the associated reasons.CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study According to the recent study by a Serbia-based research firm, revealed that the Philippines ranked ninth in having a deplorable traffic situation in the world.

In the number collated data on the traffic situation of 88 countries for its Traffic. The aforementioned effects of tardiness to the student, school and society are the motivations of this study. Statement of the Problem This study determined how tardy UP Cebu students.

Decreasing Students Tardiness. Reward Based Behavior Modification INTRODUCTION The school is considered as a hub for transformational learning and life skills. This pilot study gives an insight to the researchers and practitioners that if the school transform their policies into more student-friendly and oriented then they will receive.

We need to study tardiness to the different know causes of it and to avoid this Problem, especially to the students. Inside this problem, there are many causes of tardiness, one of the common causes of tardiness.

INTRODUCTION When a student arrives late for.  Introduction to Education Studies How does a historical approach help us to understand the relationship between education and social change? Discuss with detailed reference to at least ONE historical example from education in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The major findings of this study were of follows: oTardiness of the students Tardiness of students is already a habit of other students oReasons why the students are Tardy. The top four reasons in which the students are tardy in their class are waking up late, sleeping late, and the school is .

Introduction to the study of tardiness
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