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SCoPE This Inventory Management System for departmental store is being developed with reference to two business enterprises in order to keep record of the entire product with their proper stock maintenance.

There are different reasons why firms need to use inventory management control techniques, some of the reasons are; provider better customer service, to have control of inventories, to increase productivity, and to create a better method of warehousing, just to name a few.

Inventory management entails the receiving, processing and distributing of raw materials and finished goods. Inventory Management system provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities and communicate with customers.

In the current scenario of our country few departmental stores are automated and some are semi automated and many are still having manual Inventory management essay for keeping the record of inventory. Encyclopedia of small business. Semi automated system is also not well organized.

It has many drawbacks as there may be mistakes while recording large data and this may disrupt the important transaction.

So, in this project we are trying to make Inventory management essay management system which will help employees to keep record of inventories in systematic way and help them produce report about the inventory or stock currently available in their store in automatic way to help then sale forecasting, decision making about the stock etc.

When a firm has a better integration of its different departments it makes it easy for the handling of raw materials and finished goods, thus the delay between the firm and the customer is eliminated since there is a coordination on the movement of the manufacturing process to all the way to the finished product, and from there to the customer.

We have found that employees first of all record all information in there ledger before entering in computer system. It is therefore necessary for the management of a firm to have a strategic plan that will recognize the space for business inventory control.

These departmental stores use semi-automated method for the records. Get Access Inventory Management Essay Sample Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of any business, especially those that are dealing with manufacturing of goods. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

In this system the employees will also be able to view the information about the product available in the store online which will help to increase the efficiency of work. People still prefer to follow the manual method even if there is automated system to keep the record.

But the scope of this inventory management system is not limited in these stores only. Part of the record is recorded manually in paper.

Significance of the solution The computerized Inventory Management System for the departmental store will be helpful for the smooth operation of the department. It will help to keep records of products efficiently, reduce time to search records; will keep the record of the products of the store thus simplifying the process of updating records.

A case study in inventory on the balance sheet. It can also be apply to any other following semi-automated recording with some modification. In manual system the inventory management system is quite time consuming and tedious.

This means that every 3. This can help the business enterprise to keep the record of each and every product in computer which is far more efficient than keeping record in semi-automated manner. The total information of the product which was recorded manually can now be automated using this system.

The GUI features provides good user friendly tools. The computerized Database Management is made using combined features of mysql and Web Page designing.

So, one of the best solutions to this problem is keeping record of the products in computerized Database Management System.

By controlling its inventories a firm increases the efficiency by which raw materials are handled in regard to production. The full information regarding the product along with its inventory information can now be automated. Following this method is very time consuming and tedious.

They are using both ways to keep the record of stock purchase, inventory, sales monitoring, etc. This system will help Maintaining a wide assortment of stock--but not spreading the rapidly moving ones too thin and increasing inventory turnover--but not sacrificing the service level.

This system will also help to maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check.

The system provides GUI features which is user friendly. Also, searching information about a particular product from thousands of records can be a very hard job. Properly managing inventory is essential to the success of every dealership. McDonalds uses just in time JIT inventory control system, this system helps them to better serve customer while minimizing cost of storage by storing a minimum amount of materials in order to match quicker service and maintain fresh taste.In any business, inventory is a key area of concern as inventoryis what is sold.

Though, on the surface this may seem to be merely aphysical construct, inventory and inventory management principle easilyextend to service or other intangible product offerings. Perhaps the firstprinciple of inventory.  Inventory Management Apple Inc.

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and Dell Inc. XXXXXXXX BUS Operations Management OM4 Strayer University Dr.

Inventory Management Essay Sample

James Collins June 13, Introduction Every company irrespective of the type of product or service that it sells holds a form of inventory in its daily business operations.

Part One: Inventory Management and its role within the Supply Chain Inventory management is a method through, which a business handles tangible resources and materials to ensure availability of resources for use.

The relationship between inventory management and transport is a complicated an interesting one. A lot of attention has been given to this relationship. Executive Summary The purpose of this case review was to study the case titled ‘’s Inventory Management’ written.

Essay on Inventory and Direct Labor. BUSN Management Accounting & Cost Analysis Week 1 Introduction & Cost Terms Chapter 1 & 2 Yangxin Yu 1 Lectures & Tutorials Lecture notes on Wattle prior to lecture – please print and review before class.

Inventory management essay
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