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And the sentiments embedded in the story are also felt by them in equal manner because there is nothing that can be considered as over the top.

However it is not a slapstick comedy and creates natural laughs and smiles in the audience. When David proposes that they marry each other - which they do - chaos results.

Regretfully and unjustifiablythe Bollywood filmmakers have mocked this community in the Hindi movies. However in the end, he himself has to bow before the strength of love within the family and conviction of its head - Homi Mistry that nothing can become a wall in the path of the happiness of his family.

Quarrels take place between them with the parents half biological and half legal trying to patch up the things and keep the family united. A great lesson for all and sundry.

I have a great regard for the Paarsi community who despite being a minority community in India, has never begged for any privileges and instead contributed immensely for the growth of the country.

Dada Muni Ashok Kumar has delivered a mesmerizing performance and Pearl Padamsee has rubbed shoulders with him step by step. A must-see movie for the entire family. Add to this we have Deven Verma, who is simply anxious, to the point of an obsession, to get married to any girl, and he not only keeps on pestering his poor mom, Piloo Wadia, but his co-workers, his acquaintances, and al.

Khatta Meetha is a welcome change from this defective Bollywood tradition. Art director and cinematographer have done an outstanding job in creating a middle class environment on the screen. Their children are not happy with the marriage of their respective father and mother.

However the performer who stand tallest are Ashok Kumar and Pearl Padamsee being the senior citizen couple.

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The comedy of the movie is not forced on the spectators, it is felt by them. In a country like India where a general license seems to have been issued to hate others, this movie teaches to love and believe in the power of love.


Khatta Meetha is a signature movie of Basu Da. Khatta Meetha can be considered a comedy because it tickles and entertains. My final words, the great message delivered by this highly entertaining and inspiring classic is - do believe in the strength of love, keep the love within the family intact and strengthen it.

Was this review helpful? Each and every frame of the movie and each and every character of the story seems familiar to the typical Indian spectator who comes from the salaried middle class living a normal life but dreams big.

Editor has also done his pretty well and there is not even an ounce of boredom in the movie. The viewer feels his heart beating for the members of the extended family and his eyes getting humid over their sufferings.Watch Khatta Meetha movie online for free.

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Homi Mistry (Ashok Kumar) has been a widower for several years now, and looks after his four sons, their. Khatta Meetha Afsomali Khatta Meetha AfsomaliKhatta Meetha Afsomali Related terms: ram leela, youtube ram leela movie, sanjay leela bhansali ram chahe leela, hindi movie ram leela, ram leela full.

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