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These non-violent demonstrations mobilized more blacks to fight for their rights, and as a result, more volunteers were ready to join the movements, thus making the group bigger and stronger. This strategy is still widely used today since oppressed groups after forming organizations, tend to engage in strikes, go-slows and even sit-ins that they use to put pressure on the respective ruling body and say the government to look into their wants and needs.

The movement, although able to fight for voting rights and legal rights, was not able to end poverty and suffering of most blacks.

This is also the reason why Anne Moody decided to write her book Coming of Age in Mississippi as an activist and not a writer. Anne Moody had an enduring childhood. Another act of violence is manifested when a fourteen year old African-American boy, coming from Chicago, was murdered in cold blood for supposedly whistling at a white woman.

Tenant farming, which entailed renting the land on which one farmed, was another case of exploitation that the African-Americans faced.

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In addition to this, they engaged in non-violent demonstrations and rallies that helped enlighten the African-Americans who were still afraid of standing up for their rights.

First and foremost, she is the only student who took part in a sit-in in Mississippi, and secondly, Life of anne moody essay is because of her autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi.

Their children were forced to work equally hard too in order to assist their parents in making ends meet. The NAACP movement, for instance, fought for voting and legal rights of the blacks which gave them the right to vote and even take part in political activities.

Further, we find that her brother was beaten up as a move to threaten her more and make her quit the movements. This is manifested in the following ways: This is because many war plants would not hire them, and if they did, they only hired them as janitors.

During the World War two, there were increasing opportunities for the African-Americans who were able to get white collar jobs as the war machines demanded soldiers and factory workers.

During her high school, Anne worked for several white families. Upset because he had to baby-sit George-Lee, the uncle, mistakenly set the house on fire and blamed Anne for it. Discrimination is one of the main obstacles that particular individuals faced during the struggle for civil rights.

This is realized through continuous mass movements and demanding of their requirements in public. Her parents worked for Mr. Furthermore, the living conditions of the black Americans were substandard compared to those of the whites. In some situations, victims struggling for civil rights are from difficult backgrounds such that they have little or no say against deeds done to them.

They were actually afraid of it, especially her mother, who felt that Anne had looked down upon them when she changed her name from Essie Mae to Annie Mae. Outspoken and positive individuals did not surround her, so all of her knowledge was self-taught.

Burke but, since she was poor, she did not have an alternative as her family always depended on her in terms of food. Compared to other groups fighting for inequality during this time, Anne Moody comes out as being unique in two significant ways.

These acts of violence are what made Anne become conscious of the racial segregation driving her into joining the civil rights movements such as NAACP the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The blue collar jobs that were left for them denied them economic opportunities, and exposed them to poor working conditions. Moody was raised by both of her parents on a planation of a white man named Mr.

In addition to the above, these individuals also faced continuous violence characterized by persistent threats to them and their families. For instance, the African-Americans were not allowed to take up any white collar jobs as they were believed to belong to the whites. This has made them to develop ways of overcoming these obstacles as they struggle for civil rights.

For instance, Anne Moody, during her last years in college, participated in a sit-in in Mississippi and also took part in a public march in Washington DC in Chapter 22 explains how she was interested to get recognized as an activist and what her major target in fighting racism was.

The African-Americans faced the problem of poverty and also suffered under the hands of the whites. Growing up, she learned of all these elements on her own.

This book is the tell-all tale of the average African American woman growing up in the rural Mississippi in the midth century. The education systems are designed in such a way that quality was better in the schools meant for whites and so were the benefits derived from them.

Moreover, the individuals encountered the problem of disunity among themselves. She tells her life story of the oppressed, young, black woman. This disunity came about as a result of some of the blacks being resistant to change because they feared threats and family conflicts, which would arise as a result of being involved in the civil rights movements.

For instance, when she realized that her son Wayne was growing close to Anne, she accused her brother of stealing in order to get back at her. Some of the techniques they use in attacking these obstacles include joining movements and participating in demonstrations and rallies.

These activists came up with various ways of attacking the obstacles they faced. After the separation, Moody and her faFurthermore, the living conditions of the black Americans were substandard compared to those of the whites.

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During Anne Moody's childhood life, we find that her family and she lived in a two-room quota. In Anne Moody's, Coming of Age in Mississippi she differentiates herself from the rest of African American by questioning the way of life she must undergo due to all the restrictions her family and other African American's that surround her.

/5(3). Analysis of Anne Moody's Coming of Age in Mississippi Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi is a narrated autobiography depicting what it was like to grow up in.

Anne Moody was one of a kind. While most of the civil rights activists were middle-class or wealthy, Anne Moody was the complete opposite. She tells her life story of the oppressed, young, black woman.

Coming of Age in Mississippi Introduction The book Coming of Age in Mississippi, written by Anne Moody, describes her life during the era of racism in the United States of America. - Analysis of Anne Moody's Coming of Age in Mississippi Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi is a narrated autobiography depicting what it was like to grow up in .

Life of anne moody essay
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