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These include; creating interdependence between the two parties. How should Peter Smith react when his advice is not followed by the board? Peggy talking to the Smiths as the new chairperson has its advantages as the Smiths are able to address their issues directly knowing that they will be acted upon.

In my opinion, yes he is. The BATNA method of taking legal suit would severely dent their image on top of being very expensive. This Midwestern contemporary art case certainly kill their commitment as they will feel as if they are being forced into paying a donation they are supposed to pay willingly.

The smiths were dependent on the negotiations being fruitful without the need for court battles especially at the time when he was sick and needed all the rest.

Midwestern Contemporary Art Case Study the Principal&nbspCase Study

This was especially at this time when it was reported that Peter had been diagnosed with cancer which meant that they were facing some financial difficulties of their own. Sunday, September 14, Midwestern:: The board was dependent on the negotiations to avoid going bankrupt.

For me it seemed like Peter Smith was trying to micromanage Keith Schmidt. Role ambiguity can contribute too many different types of conflicts within an organization.

The JD is not specified, so it was just a matter of time, when such conflict would occur. As a non-profit organization, MCA should worry much more about their relationships than their outcomes. How are the roles of board chairman and an executive director different in an organization such as the MCA?

The conflict between these two is technical conflict. In my opinion, best thing he could do was to rethink the situation, take a look at the finances and start cooperation with his team. From the information provided in this case, it is evident that Peter Smith is micromanaging Keith Schmidt.

She should meet with Smith and talk to him in presence of lawyers. For negotiations to be successful, it is fundamental that both parties identify where the problem lies.

Since both parties cannot get entirely what they want, reaching a common ground that is fair to both parties and where everyone gets a share of what they wanted is what builds a mutual understanding and a successful negotiation.

Showing that you are concerned and are willing to listen and help is a smart tactic for creating trust with the Smiths. What they should have done was to set one man as a CEO and second as a representative. Smith should have tried to understand Schmidt and then act accordingly.

What can an organization do structurally to reduce conflict resulting from role ambiguity? Smith acted like a child when he did not get what he wanted and just quit and cut-off all communication between him and MCA.

Should Fischer involve the board in further discussions leading to a decision about whether or not to file a lawsuit? Communication is a must between both Smith and Schmidt and should work towards a collaborative strategy.

There should be a difference and division between job description for CEO and board chairman. Excerpt from Case Study: What type of conflict are they experiencing? To achieve this through negotiation as opposed to legal actions, there are certain goals that have to be established for negotiations to be successful.

They did not want to use their legal strategy that would only add to extra expenses to their already crippled financial soundness. In my opinion, lawsuit is the worst option. In settling them matter through negotiations, it would rebuild the once torn down relationship between MCA and the Smith.

Is Peter Smith micromanaging Keith Schmidt? It is crucial to have a clear job description for both the executive director and the chair of the board to reduce conflict resulting from role ambiguity.

The only thing he can accomplish with this strategy is jeopardizing his relations.

Midwestern:: Contemporary Art: Power Struggle

What can organization do structurally to reduce conflict resulting from role ambiguity? Peter Smith may also be added back as a member of the board once he has the strength to do so in honor of his contribution when he was chairman.Free Essay: This paper will describe the goals of the original negotiation between Peter and Catherine Smith, and the Midwestern Contemporary Art Museum.

The. View this case study on Midwestern Contemporary Art Case Study the Principal. The principal problem MCA made was the decision to put down pledges as incomes.

Background The present paper reviews a case study as written by Lewicky, Saunders and Barry in the text Negotiations titled Midwestern::Contemporary Art, case number 6.

The Art of War and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Power Exchange La Ch√Ętelaine De Vergy Is as Much a Tale of Social Pressures and Power Struggles as It 4/4(1). Midwestern: Contemporary Art Case Study Negotiations March 20, Abstract Background The present paper reviews a case study as written by Lewicky, Saunders and Barry in the text Negotiations titled Midwestern::Contemporary Art, case number 6.

MGT Conflict and Management Negotiation. Credit Hours: 3 Case on Midwestern Contemporary Art Discussion Board (25) Mastery Exercise (10) Read and respond to the Case 2-Pacific Oil Company (linked on the Week 3 Assignments page) and.

Midwestern contemporary art case
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