National human rights commission and its

In each instance, the Commission called for reports from the highest echelons of the concerned State Governments and pursued matters thereafter. The petitioner apparently made the complaint as he was aggrieved by this advice. During the year 17, individuals participated in the program.

The condition in the refugee camps established by the Government of Tripura was also not satisfactory. For this reason, the Commission considered it essential to make an in-depth scrutiny of the situation, not merely by inquiring into the violation of human rights of the section of people involved in the specific incidents on which suo-motu cognizance had already been taken, but also by exploring the avenues necessary for the prevention of any such violations in future, and ensuring that there was no neglect on the part of the public authorities concerned in the performance of their duties.

It also observed that the State Government was at liberty to recover this amount from the salaries of the concerned police personne. There also are laws to protect "foreign brides" in the country and punish fraudulent marriage brokers, but NGOs claimed the laws needed to be strengthened.

The Government had taken steps to provide medical facilities and ensure that all these workers were covered under the Employees State Insurance ESI scheme.

The Government of Mizoram in their reply stated that the administration was making efforts to take action against the local Mizos who had indulged in burning of houses of some Reang families.

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This brief submission has outlined some of the key points we feel should be considered by the task force. Atrocities on Adivasi families by forest officials of Wayanad District: The WHO Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, which scopes the determinants that build healthy populations, is essentially a human rights framework.

There were no reported prosecutions or convictions of labor trafficking offenses. The Investigation Team had estimated damage amounting to Rs. The government worked with the international community on investigations related to trafficking. A further prayer had been made for issue of Writ of Mandamus for awarding Rs.

Having regard to the provisions of the Indian Constitution as well as to the International Human Rights instruments with regard to the right to life.

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It was also noted that allegations had been made to the effect that valuable property estimated at Rs. Subsequently, the Commission received a further complaint, on the same matter, from Shri M. The Commission also directed the Principal Home Secretary, Secretary and Director, Social Welfare Department and the FRRO of the Delhi Administration to visit the Lampur Seva Sadan and work out a proper strategy for bringing about ameliorative changes not only for the foreign detenues but also for the institutions for beggars located in the campus.

Relatively small numbers of migrants seeking opportunities in the country were believed to have become victims of trafficking as well, although the MOL Employment Permit System reduced the number of workers trafficked into the country.

In response to the notice issued by the Commission, reports were received from all the concerned authorities, who sought to answer in full the concerns raised by the Commission. The duty of the State, under the Directive Principles of the Constitution, is to ensure the protection of the health of workers employed in such Slate factories in Mandsaur and elsewhere in the State.

The question whether the condition of the petitioner worsened after the operation, as claimed by him, was not probed further. This exclusion, however, is not solely an issue of human rights neglect; it is also an issue of missed opportunity.Lawyer at National Human Rights Commission, Nigeria.

Location Nigeria Industry Legal Services. Current: National Human Rights Commission, Nigeria; 11 connections. View Judith gapsuk’s full profile. It's free! Your colleagues, classmates, and million other professionals are on LinkedIn. Human rights in South Korea differ to that of its Northern counterpart, and have evolved significantly from the days of military dictatorship and reflects the state's current status as a constitutional democracy.

The Commission Secretary Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Lenana Road, CVS Plaza, 1st Floor P. – Nairobi. Please note that it is a criminal offence to provide false information and documents in the application. The Equality & Human Rights Commission has issued its Annual Report for The document discusses what the Commission did in the year and its plans for the future.

Three years ago the first National Human Rights Action Plan for St. Helena was produced. We are now in the final year of the work towards achieving the goals. The participation of national human rights institutions in UN bodies and processes such as the Commission on the Status of Women contributes to the promotion, protection and realisation of women’s rights and human rights in general, writes Penny Morton.

Australian Human Rights Commission Submission to the National Preventative Health Taskforce. Download Word [KB] 2 January (all of which are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its associated conventions) – .

National human rights commission and its
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