Physical networking unit 10 assignments

We have to make sure the redundancy has to be in place. The core layer also known as the backbone of network and core switch must be capable of switching traffic as and when required.

Function and operation Both layers start with the application layer which allow for input by the user. The NIC gives the machine a unique MAC media access control address which is used as a serial number for the work station, it is a unique code which is used identify it.

Evaluate and analyze with examples why do you think it is important to perform them Quality of Service QoS is defined in several ways which can be used to manage network bandwidth, packet loss, and delay in data transmission and jitter in network.

This layer can open or terminate a session. There are no standard protocols assigned to it, making it adaptable but not reliable as these protocols activities may clash with one another. Each go down each layer preforming the necessary procedures that allow for the transmission of the data to another computer either in the same network or in another one.

Network — Is the source of IP addressing, which allows the packets to go to a specific destination. It also deals with error handling. This protocol is better for things like music or video streaming.

Devices which are used at this layer are known as building access switches and these devices should have the following capabilities: QoS does not affect the actual capacity of any given link but it enables the administrator to manage existing bandwidth in more efficient manner.

This is a very costly method as many lines would need to be open for something like the internet making upkeep very expensive. CRC Cyclic redundancy check is very accurate way of error detection, it detects errors in data transmissions.

They are generally not used anymore because of switches, however they were a massive innovation before the existence of switches. When sending data the data is broken up into lots of little packets containing a small part of that file. The router is used to find another router, which uses the mac address sent from the other machine to find the switch and vice versa.

They use it as a frame of reference for anything that uses a network. Also encryption is done to when sending data back across the network. A router can connect In three ways to devices: Devices used in this layer are known as building distribution switches and should have the following capabilities: Often forgot about is a token ring network card.

This protocol contains error checking most notably checksum which checks if all packets have been sent. Application — This layer is the layer that the user may interact with.

A switch is a layer two network device. MAC addressing controls if devices are allowed to access the network. Also named polynomial code checksum. A router connects to other routers to determine the source of the packets sent from the destination or it checks the router for any knowledge of your destination.

Routers A router connects networks, where as a switch connects computers in a LAN configuration.View Notes - Physical Networking Unit 6 Assignments from NT at ITT Tech Pittsburgh.

Scott Cumston 4/24/ NGT Wednesday Physical Networking Instructor: Robert Freid Physical Networking. Physical Networking Unit 1 Lab 1 Essay; Physical Networking Unit 1 Lab 1 Essay complete this Lab 1 Answer Form and submit it via the Assignments Folder by the date listed on your Course Schedule (under Syllabus).

Wired and Wireless Networks ITT Technical Institute Physical Networking – NT 11/10/ Wired and Wireless.  NT Unit 7 Assignments MAX HANEY 11/3/ Physical Networking Unit 7 Assignments Exercise 1 – Fiber Optics Definitions 1.

Crosstalk – The coupling or transfer of unwanted signals from one pair within a cable to another pair. 2.

Assignment 1

Waveguides – A structure that guides electromagnetic waves along their length. Essay on Physical Networking Unit 10 Assignments Max Haney NT Physical Networking Unit 10 Assignments 11/18/ Physical Networking Unit 10 Assignments Unit 10 Assignment 1 Fiber-Optic Installation – Conduit is pipe.

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Unit 44 Local Area Networking Technologies Assignment solution

Unit 44 Local Area Networking Technologies Assignment solution. INTRODUCTION. The report is prepared to analyze the use of different LAN technology and their role in increase the performance of the organization or company & purpose of this course is to provide an understanding on design and implantation of Local Area Networking .

Physical networking unit 10 assignments
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