Pluto communications essay

This seriously measures a negative motivation in customer service department. There is a need for creating HR department, as we did not see the function of HR. In any organisation, this is normal as sales person will meet customers whereas customer care person will follow the sales order and complete the process.

According to Martin Corbett, communication is vital aspect of effective group and organisational functioning, as it serves four vital functions: Therefore, there is a question about his management skills. According to Martin Corbett, Elizabeth Chell stated that, the interactionist view of personality has many important implications; in most cases Job effects the individuals rather than individual effects the Job [1].

Remove Veronica- The board should remove Veronica, as she being the top management, has done reasonable mistakes of not guiding the Pluto in right direction in this fast moving environment.

Within a single organisation, applying with multiple strategic rules for different departments is not well-defined strategy. According to Martin Corbett, Sherif M. In customer service department, form of communication is different from sales and marketing departments.

In the following analysis Pluto Telecommunications and her issues will be considered with regard to the individuals, the groups and the organisation.

She has created the un-trusty relations around her, which has given enough support to other individuals not to trust their team and or group around them. When Pluto lost new orders, then no account manager took responsibility; whereas, there are formal procedures in place if engineer and reception staffs fail to meet target.

Pluto Telecommunications

Another word, both individual and situational characteristics play a significant role in terms of performance of the Job.

All the rewards, awards, bonus and compensation packages require centralising with common organisation strategy policy within HR. It is no surprise that inter-department communication is poor. However, according to Martin Corbett, Fiedler et el. Affective Management and Leadership Style- Including Veronica, Tim, John and Matthew all have their pros and cons in managing people and being leader with them.

In addition, there are different bonus levels set for different departments. However, doing this there might be problem with the existing managers, who also may require either training or removing.

According to Martin Corbett, Abraham Maslow, stated that any individual would share a concern on different level of hierarchy of needs. The environment in which Pluto operates will not be considered. Evidence suggests that, marketing group sits in London office, which is different from rest of the departments, so they are motivated by working in a nice location.

However, with Job-rotation in place, both can learn from each other, even if it is for few weeks or month. The sales and marketing departments have work motivations, whereas the customer service does not.

We are aware that sales staffs will enjoy more cash as bonus; however, other team should also enjoy a transparent policy, as they play important role in growing Pluto business. In such case, customer service department should earn the most respect, because John wanted things get-done from his group.Question: Final assignment on case study of Pluto Telecommunications 1.

INTRODUCTION Pluto started losing business because of there is no common strategic level business communications between directors and. In the following essay the problems of Pluto Telecommunications will be outlined and analysed with recommendations offered as to how the issues can be addressed.

We will write a custom essay sample on Pluto or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Identification of the Problems: Communication has. Pluto started losing business because of there is no common strategic level business communications between directors and managing directors within organisation.

Pluto communication

The integrations of departments are causing further problems, because some employees are benefiting more than others are. As a result of the 3 main departments within the company, namely, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, working in isolation without the necessary interaction with each.

This text critically examines organizational behavior in Pluto Telecommunications through analysis of the relationship among the job design. Pluto Telecommunications[i] Introduction 'Just what is going on in this corporation?' shouted Veronica Tsang, managing director of Pluto Communications.

Her question - aimed at no particular individual seated around the boardroom table - was provoked by the presentation which had just been given by management consultant, Andrew Wensley.

Pluto communications essay
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