Projects for middle school students

Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

This multi-year competition motivates interest in STEM learning among students by tapping into their passion for playing and making video games. Have students work in teams to create words.

A walk through the creation of a simple computerized galaxy. Students can go on Free Rice and calculate how much rice they donated as a group and create a graph to show their weekly results.

Erin Bittman on August 25, If your classroom is far from a 1: Interestingly, the study of 4, students from high schools nationwide found that while boys tended to overrate their abilities in mathematics, girls underrated them. According to a recent report by the U.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Teaching Channel Presents provides an hour of inspiration for middle school teachers. Free Rice Have students make a difference by practicing their math, chemistry, anatomy, geography, foreign language, vocabulary, grammar, humanities and even for the SAT.

Middle School Activities

Design a board game: You could have each student create a page to create a class book. Department of Commercealthough women fill close to half of all jobs in the U. Click here for an example. Shows how middle school math teachers are making math fun. One of many museums that offer apps and online activities for kids interested in science, math, and technology.

Erin Bittman is a designer turned teacher. A set of free, online courseware for explorations of science and mathematics. Story Bird With Story Birdkids can choose images and invent their very own unique story to go along with the pictures. Above is an example of a water cycle video.

Animoto A free Animoto account lets students create second videos, which can be challenging! Fractal modeling, biomedical modeling, and other interactive lessons are being developed. Posted by Erin Bittman. And the STEM gender gap starts well before students enter the job market: Download the white paper!

Have students explain something in 30 seconds through music and images.

How will I ever use fill in the blank with a math skill in everyday life? Other middle school STEM activities involving math include: Then, they choose a habitat.

What is the character feeling? One of many prestigious universities that offer STEM summer programs for middle school students. Check out the universities in your area and encourage your students to apply!

The study also found that tenth-grade girls who reported being confident of their math skills were about twice as likely to select a science, math, or computer science major. Students can collaborate and create a Choose Your Own Adventure story! The crux of the STEM gender gap problem—and the solution—may lie in middle school math classrooms.

Another new studyfunded by the U. The National Parks Service: Check out her blog E Is for Explore! You could also group students into teams to create a habitat that would be suitable for all of their animals!

Boggle How many letters can you chain together to form a word? The students can then compare and contrast their results.Middle school activities like the ones has produced below are perfect for both in-class and at-home study.

Biology students can use sliced bread to explore how mold forms, budding physicists can use eggs to study gravity, and artists can turn tissue paper into stained glass windows. To help students meet these goals, check out some of these ideas for middle school computer projects.

Computer Projects for Middle School Computers are central to all aspects of life these days. At Harker's middle school, we believe in balancing academics, athletics and arts for all of our students. With more than 35 clubs plus sports teams and after-school activities offered each semester, your child will find one or more activities that match his or her interests here at Harker.

Art in History Kits – If you don’t want to put together your own hands-on projects, consider these quality kits, perfect for middle and high school students.

George Washington’s Camp – Recreate George Washington’s camp out of paper. Each middle school also offers after-school programs, providing high-quality activities where students can feel safe, improve academic performance, improve social, emotional, and physical well-being, and reduce the potential for risk-taking behaviors.

19 gotta-try STEM activities for middle school. There’s no doubt that when it comes to women in STEM careers, there is a wide gender gap. According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, although women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S.

economy, they hold less than 25 percent of STEM the STEM gender gap starts well before students.

10 Collaborative Technology Projects Your Students Will Love! Download
Projects for middle school students
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