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Furthermore, travel time by bacteria with fully functional flagella was significantly faster than that of bacteria with disabled flagella, indicating that the bacteria actively swim through the corridors, rather than traveling by simple diffusion.

But the workflow does address a few other legal questions that at first might seem like copyright questions, yet actually pertain to different legal doctrines. University of California, Berkeley.

What about other non-copyright legal or policy concerns? Theses and dissertations from European universities.

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Here, I compared the recovery of metapopulations with homogeneous and heterogeneous corridor arrangements following small, medium, and large subpopulation extinction events. Should you register your copyright with the U.

Also lists some published materials based on dissertations or theses. Simulations of the World Wide Web and other heterogeneous networks have demonstrated that, while they are very robust to random loss of nodes, targeted attacks on highly connected nodes can lead to failure of the entire network.

Should you embargo your dissertation? Indexes graduate dissertations from over 1, North American, and selected European, graduate schools and universities. Thus, MMPs satisfy the necessary assumptions for use in metapopulation experiments.

In Chapter Two, I used MMPs to explore how recolonization and recovery after subpopulation extinction differs in metapopulations in which the dispersal corridors have different spatial arrangements. If you do not hear back in response to your request, you are now faced with a question of risk assessment, and whether to keep seeking permission or embrace the likelihood or not of the rights holder challenging your use down the road.

So, read carefully any agreement or website terms of use that you are asked to agree to. If the material you wish to include reveals private facts that are of public interest or concern which your dissertation scholarship may be or if the person who is the subject of the information has given you permission to include it which you may have obtainedthen an invasion of privacy claim should not be sustainable.

Provides open access to more thanelectronic theses and dissertations from more than universities in 27 European countries in many languages.

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Researchers in many sub-fields of ecology and evolutionary biology test hypotheses relating to metapopulation dynamics and landscape spatial structure.

Human subject research methodology, issues of indigenous knowledge, and other ethical concerns are best discussed with your dissertation advisors and institutional review boards. Unlike in theoretical networks, however, the corridor arrangements of metapopulations cultured in MMPs cannot be completely homogeneous, because wells on the edge will be slightly less connected than those in the center.

Citations are provided for UC dissertations filed prior to Comparing such spatial hypotheses using traditional lab equipment and methods is impractical, unwieldy, expensive, or impossible. Do you want to license your work beyond fair use?

Inquire with the library or archives directly about whether a waiver is possible if you need one, or seek additional information from them about securing the right to publish. This is because, irrespective of whether the materials are protected by copyright, you may have entered into an agreement dictating whether or not you can include material from the works.

This should be a careful decision, which you discuss fully with your dissertation advisors and journal or monograph publishers in your field.


Thus, MMPs can test hypotheses that account for behavioral responses. Index and full text of graduate dissertations and theses from North American and European schools and universities, including the University of California.

Click the Advanced Keyword Search link or tab. It Search dissertations berkeley possible to search a subset of dissertations produced by UC students by going to Dissertations and Theses University of California available in full text. There are typically two additional important defenses to claims for invasion of privacy: However, I predicted that a small deviation in connectivity would be unimportant and that recovery in metapopulations with homogeneous corridors would not be affected by whether extinctions were in low connectivity or high connectivity wells.

Books to Help you Write your Dissertation. UC Berkeley Library students, faculty, and other researchers have liberal access to these rich source materials through interlibrary loanelectronic delivery, and a growing collection of digitized material.

Based on these simulations, I predicted that metapopulations with heterogeneous corridors would recover fastest when extinctions occurred in low connectivity wells, regardless of extinction event size. I found that while metapopulations with heterogeneous corridor arrangements had the fastest rates of recovery following extinction events of all sizes and had the shortest absolute time to recovery following medium-sized extinction events, metapopulations with homogeneous corridor arrangements had the shortest time to recovery following the smallest extinction events.

It provides public record that you are indeed the author and owner, and also enables greater enforcement of your rights against infringers or plagiarists.

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Dissertations have been catalogued using various subject terms.If you can't find a specific UC Berkeley dissertation on ProQuest, go to OskiCat and choose to limit your search to "Dissertations/Theses" using the dropdown on the far right of the search page: If you're not on campus, and you are not a UC Berkeley student, faculty or staff member.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database (PQDT) - With more than million entries, the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database is the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses in the world. Students, faculty, and other researchers search the database for titles related to their scholarly interests.

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Toggle navigation. EECS at UC Berkeley. Main menu. About Toggle submenu for About. About Overview; By the Numbers; Diversity. Douglas McOmber, "Hsü Ti-shan and the Search for Identity: Individuals and Families in the Short Stories of Lo Hua Sheng ()," s Victoria Baldwin Cass, "Celebrations at the Gate of Death: Symbol and Structure in Chin P'ing Mei," Dissertations and theses are an important and valuable tool for the library and the researcher in all areas of scholarship.

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