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Explain any five types of vector instructions in detail. Register Indirect Addressing Mode: Challenges faced by the manager in Managing Information systems 2 Explain the concepts of a Transaction Processing System.

In [A] approach, we remove the element at head position, and then one by one move all the other elements on position forward. What are the various characteristics of MIS? List and explain the advantages because of it?

Additional memory is needed for storing pointers 3. This gives us the option to nullify the instruction in the delay slot. As we add elements to the queue, the tail keeps on moving ahead, always pointing to the position where the next element will be inserted, while the head remains at the first index.


Second sub problem is that, to decide on operations which must be performed on the data structures that are to be used. Insertion and deletion of nodes needs lot of data movement. Computer programmers use the same concept to divide a complex program into a number of sub-modules, which are solved individually and then combined to solve a larger problem.

Early computers had small and simple instruction sets, forced mainly by the need to minimize the hardware used to implement them. This representation is very easy to understand. However, if the instruction slot is executed without waiting for the branch to be selected, it is called a delay slot.

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Fetching of instructions begins at the target address. In approach [B] we remove the element from head position and then move head to the next position.

Explain various requisites of effective market segmentation. Single cycle instruction execution 7. It includes sub-modules of the main module.Master of Business Administration - MBA Semester 2 MB – Project Management (4 credits) Q1.

Define project management. Discuss the need for project management.

2 Differentiate between Classes and Objects. Write an example program to represent a class and its object. 2 List and explain the various costs associated with Maintaining Receivables. Costs associated with Maintaining Receivables 3 Stability of dividends is the consistency in the stream of dividend payments.

SMU MBA SEM 2 SPRING ASSIGNMENTS. MBA – FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Assignment Set 1. Financial planning means deciding in advance the financial activities to be carried on to achieve the basic objective of the firm.

Explain the objectives, benefits and. Founded in JanuarySMU Emerging Markets (SEM) is a student initiative that aims to be a global and interactive business collaboration centre for research. MBA - Semester 2 MB - Production and Operation Management ASSIGNMENT- Set 1 Click here to Get Answers Note: Assignment.

Set -1 must be written within pages.

Smu sem 2
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