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Most important for us was the site was well within the detonating rang of our radio transmitters. According to the MIS officers handling him our old Ne Win had a strange affection towards the young North Korean and decided to let him live.

What we only knew and did before I ended up here were all standard business reporting myo blast discipline and Commando trainings after trainings for our sole mission to assassinate the enemy number one, the President of South Korea.

We decided the ceiling was the best place to hide our bombs to cause maximum damage to the visiting delegation from South Korea.

The policemen radioed our battalion and now we were there to catch the North Korean Commando. What I knew then of the deaths were 4 staff members from the South-Korean Embassy and 13 from the visiting delegation and 4 from the Burmese Foreign Ministry.

And so our Kang Min-Chul had lived comfortably almost forever in a specially-built prison inside the infamous Insein Prison in Rangoon till his death. Deep inside I still wanted to see my mother again before I die. Then Cho Oo ordered another three to prepare for the second attack. At least in part, this stems from the reality that CSR, as a concept, has only caught on in the former pariah state within the past few years.

So we got him alive and breathing. So we just waited there for about ten minutes till another order came in again. In this, he appears to be of the same mind as Washington as it relates to the US blacklist: On his hospital bed he broke down a few times and cried quietly as if he was emotionally affected by the care he received from the Burmese doctors and nurses.

On the way the Huskies circled the Shwedagon Pagoda three rounds for us. Encircling was so tight not even a field rat could crawl through the line of armed men standing shoulder to shoulder in the green fields of young paddy. The nurses were so nice and kind to me that I started realizing there amazingly is more in life than military trainings and drills and assassinations.

This account is what I still remember and can recall of that tragic events in together with some material I found from other sources more than 30 years later. But it was too little too late for the heroic son of both Koreas.

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The policemen chased the two, captured them, and brought them back to their camp. They dropped their G3 rifles on the ground and moved up one step ahead towards the North Korean.

From there we could clearly see and observe the Mausoleum entrance and the large square outside the main hall. We then cleared the village.

But the young Kang was a totally different story. They could have just shot and killed the lone North Korean now hopelessly trapped but the order coming down from the very top of the army chain of command was absolutely clear.

This time it was direct from Col. The presidential motorcade was turned away from the Mausoleum gate. According to our platoon leader Second Lt. Adding to the confusion is the fact that different people define CSR in different ways.

Rightly or unfairly, in recent years CSR initiatives from blacklisted companies have been viewed with cynicism as the US Treasury Department has removed some names from the list and talks have turned to rehabilitating the reputations of those that remain sanctioned.

Kang Min-Chul escaped with a grenade in one hand and a pistol in other hand into the nearby paddy fields while firing back at the chasers. Maung Maung Aung the immediate order from Col.

While there is a degree of ambiguity about what constitutes CSR, some say more nefarious motivations can also be behind these initiatives. Burmese are dark-skinned brown people. I lost only my left hand and it bothers me a bit but I am fine now. Hepatitis is so widespread in Burma once one had been to a prison one would get the dreaded liver disease and the painful sclerosis would follow and eventually the fatal liver cancer.

Burma was one of the founding nations of Non-aligned movement. I know the reason was that I opened up and told them everything they wanted to know even about myself. After that they in one Huski and we in the other we flew to the area where the North Koreans were last seen. He was the leader of the commando team and he was then receiving emergency surgery in RGH for his wounds.

It was the early morning of October 12 when we found him. Our section leader was Second Lt. Hundreds of armed troops from Third and Fourth Burma Rifles had surrounded the North Korean Embassy compound almost immediately after the bombing and prevented anyone from entering or leaving the huge compound for weeks till the whole bombing thing was unraveled by the army and the intelligence apparatus.

In Burma, a Fine Line Between CSR and Karmic Cash

I was taken from my mother at the age of about two and since then I have never seen her again and I also do not remember her name and the name of my home village. But it was really loud.Annual Reporting and Auditing. Transfer of a Grant. Grant Closeout. Training. Cancer Training at NCI.

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Documents Similar To Vmware Horizon 7 Faq. History of Virtualization. Uploaded by. Badrinath Kadam. The huge blast apparently caused by the bombs hidden in the mausoleum's high ceiling had killed 19 and seriously wounded Our section leader was Second Lt.

Maung Maung Aung.

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A group of senior officers then arrived. Colonel Myo Nyunt the Deputy CO Rangoon Command, Colonel Nyi Sein the CO BOC (1), Lt. Colonel Ohn Myint the. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Standard business reporting myo blast
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