Strategic analysis for eskom

As a result, utilities have to see themselves as businesses, and act accordingly. Note that key success 5 factors apply to all organisations in an industry.

The process of stakeholder analysis requires: The industry has a slow growth, with high fixed costs. With the introduction of competition, the suppliers 7 of electricity will also have to deal with generic substitution from other private electricity suppliers.

The bargaining power of buyers is greater when: International Environment is extremely Strategic analysis for eskom to include as the international environment has an impact on the activities of organisations, especially with globalization.

Eskom Holdings SOC Limited, SWOT Analysis

A year power purchase agreement with Redstone Solar Thermal Power postponed until further notice: Eskom and the municipalities also enjoy brand image and loyalty.

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Strategic Analysis for Eskom

And lastly, CorporationWhat unique resources does the organisation possess? I will be making use of the different schools of thought and aligning them to the Eskom strategy. The following are some of its characteristics: There is minimal competition from alternate energy sources such as solar, coal, nuclear and gas.

Purpose, values and strategic objectives

Important locations and subsidiaries — A list of key locations and subsidiaries of the company, including contact details. According to University of South Africa, South Africa has a strong natural resource base and a variety of energy options are available. These objectives give Eskom direction to deliver on its purpose, vision and values.

According to Louw and Venter macro environmental forces tend to exert forces that have a major influence on industries and hence on the organisations operating in those industries.

Eskom has projects supporting the development of renewable energies. Customers of the electricity supply industry value, cost, reliability, and quality of supply and energy efficiency.

Firstly to identifying individuals and groups that can be affected by the decision and Prioritizing these individuals and groups in the decision making process.

For the purpose of the integrated reporting framework, the six capitals are categorised and described as follows: In addition, Eskom has to adapt to a changing environment as a result of the negative impacts of climate change placing pressure on its resources and infrastructure.

Buyers threaten to integrate backward into the industry.

Eskom Holdings SWOT Analysis

The industry is not a key supplying group for buyers. Some sections may be missing if data is unavailable for the company. Eskom is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. Pursuing private-sector participation Eskom acts as a catalyst for private-sector participation in South Africa to ensure security of supply for South Africa.

They can be both internal and external and typically include employees, shareholders, customers, the community and suppliers. Eskom is one of the top seven utilities in the world in terms of size and sales.

There are many buyers and few dominant suppliers. Industries differ in many respects.

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

The bargaining power of suppliers will be high when: Eskom Jul 26, The selected strategies are evaluated in the light of a commercialised environment to determine whether they sufficiently prepare the station to out-compete rivals in such an environment.

This will be done by taking a leading role and actively partnering with all key stakeholders, including the people of South Africa, in a comprehensive supply-and-demand management strategy. This leads to a poor international perception and image.

Eskom upgrades Kiepersol substation to improve quality of supply in Hazyview Jul 28, Both Eskom Distribution and the municipal distributors are monopolies in their licensed areas of supply DME, Key employees — A list of the key executives of the company.

Government has legal claim and is a primary stakeholder because it is the sole shareholder in organization so they have an invested interest in the well being of the Strategic analysis for eskom, in terms of the return on investment and also for the economic development of the country.

This being caused mainly, but not solely, by electricity utilities having to meet new pressures resulting from global markets and governments opening up their countries to foreign investors to help fund power sector expansion and development.

Firstly by defining the industry and secondly by examining the relationships that shape the industry.We review the Strategic Management Process by looking at the major phases of the Eskom strategy and comparing this to the phases as described in "Crafting and Executing Strategy " (see Annexure 1) The strategic phases of the organization are contained in the strategic plan document Eskom Holdings Business Plan to /5(2).

Introduction Five assignment questions answered Conclusion References Reflection Template Introduction For this assignment I will be focusing on the strategic analysis of Eskom, where I will be critically reviewing Eskom’s growth strategy in line with the case study given, Eskom – is there light at the end of the tunnel.

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Related Articles. Eskom Holdings SOC Limited SWOT Analysis. // Eskom Holdings Limited SWOT Analysis;Feb, p1. A business analysis of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., electricity distributor, is provided, focusing on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for.

Eskom’s finances is a question of national importance, but the implications of problems related to the electricity supply industry in South Africa will have broader. Explain why strategic analysis is necessary in the process of developing an appropriate strategy. Identify tools that are available to examine the external environment and discuss how and why they are used.

Introduction Strategy is a high level plan in which to .

Strategic analysis for eskom
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