Sumerian writing at puma punku facts

Firuzabad - the old city 2km in diameter and modern city of Firuzabad. Evidence of ancient civilizations using modern technology? The archaeological site of Puma Punku consists of an unwalled western court, a central unwalled esplanade, a terraced platform mound that is faced with stone, and a walled eastern court.

It is believed that, because of certain markings on stones found at Puma Punku, the Gate of the Sun was originally part of Puma Punku. There are stones at Puma Punku that weigh over tons. Significance Puma Punku was the spiritual and ritual center of the Tiwanaku. An arrangement of walls on a mountain plateau 6 km northeast could indicate a cemetery.

Hyatt Verrill and Rith Verrill who thought, P "It seems probable that maize was carried from America to Asia by the earliest Sumerian voyagers, but in its new home, where the people were unfamiliar with its proper cultivation and hybridisation, it deteriorated and died out, whereas, in America, where the Indians were familiar with the proper care of corn, it increased and improved.

Why, how, and when was it created? In my eyes it someway diminishes the humanity of us all. With this system, water is conducted beneath a plain using artifically constructed channels and emerges via wells to irrigate cultivable land using surface channels.

Although there are many naturally red coloured stones at Pampa Aullagas, the above photo shows a stone from the mountain at Pampa Aullagas which appears to have been painted red on the outside.

It is usually assumed that the four quarters of Sargon were the territories bounding on his assyrian kingdom, but Sargon also claimed to have made a voyage to the far west, to obtain the metal tin.

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The megalithic stones found at Puma Punku are among the largest on the planet. Then there is the name of the oldest inhabitants of the Altiplano, who lived in reed houses and built reed boats just like the Sumerians.

The remains of dismembered bodies have been found throughout the area.

Creation Myths Hold Hard Facts About Our Ancient Origins

The Achaemenid rulers provided a major incentive for qanat builders and their heirs by allowing them to retain profits from newly-constructed qanats for five generations.

If you look at the stones carefully, you can see some intricate stonework, as though they used machine tools or even lasers.

Two of them, which are very intriguing, were created in white in color, and they look very much like grey alien heads, say Ufologists. Underground water channels are found in ancient Persia where they are known as Qanats. This ancient site is home to megalithic stones which many researchers say are among the largest on the planet.

If you look at the stones carefully, you can see some intricate stonework, as though they used machine tools or even lasers. And if we try a smaller stade of Sumerian cubits ft or half of the ft stade then the size of the circular complex at 27 stades would be ft or cubits of To the east of Persia, qanats were constructed in Afghanistan, the Silk Route oases settlements of central Asia, and Chinese Turkistan ie.

Exposing Puma Punku: 50 Unbelievable Facts About The Mysterious Ancient Ruins

If you look at the stones carefully, you can see some intricate stonework, as though they used machine tools or even lasers. The megalithic stones found here are the largest in the world. These structures transformed the local landscape; Pumapunku was purposely integrated with Illimani mountain, a sacred peak that the Tiwanaku possibly believed to be home to the spirits of their dead.

Some people also believe that they were carried on inclined planes. Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco may have been in fact one massive complex. The writings on the Fuente Magna Bowl have been somewhat controversial with different researchers providing different explanations.

He presented two figures that separate the Fuente Magna signs into their constituent parts so they could be interpreted using the phonetic values of the Vai writing he showed the separation of the Fuente Magna signs into their separate parts.

One common engineering technique involves cutting the top of the lower stone at a certain angle, and placing another stone on top of it which was cut at the same angle. The huge size of the stones and architecture remain a mystery even today.

To the west, qanats were constructed from Mesopotamia to the shores of the Mediterranean, as well as southward into parts of Egypt. The excavation trenches of Vranich show that the clay, sand, and gravel fill of the Pumapunku complex lie directly on the sterile middle Pleistocene sediments.Puma Punku is simply put, one of those places where, when you look at those incredible constructions, manipulated with that much perfection, your imagination just fires up, there are so many possibilities at this point, and conventional archaeological explanations just do not suffice.

Sumerian writing. New Discoveries at Tiwanaku & Puma Punku: The Lost Statue of Viracocha and Secret Rooms of Hidden Artifacts In December myself and fellow megalithic researcher JJ Ainsworth stayed in Tiwanaku for a few days to thoroughly explore the sites of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku looking for any anomalies or things.

Interesting Facts About the Intriguing Puma Punku Temple Complex

Puma Punku is located near Tiahuanaco, in fact, it’s less than a quarter-mile northeast of Puma Punku. Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco may have been in fact one massive complex.

The Ceramic bowl has Sumerian cuneiform and Proto-Sumerian hieroglyphic written on it.

Does Puma Punku Feature The Ultimate Ancient Astronaut Evidence?

Puma Punku: It's interesting as well, when the Sumerian religion etc end, and after that in South America (Puma Punku etc) in "thousands years" later we see the same symbolism, writing system etc.

And the same thing comes to easter island vs Indus Valley writing system. The wonderful stonework of Puma Punku in Bolivia couldn’t have been achieved by primitive indigenous populations. The writing on it in cuneiform merely mentions a couple of names of minor officials.

The circled portion in the “sky” of the seal does not show sun and planets, but stars. In Sumerian iconography, such depictions. SUMERIAN ARTIFACTS AT TIWANAKU? an ancient languages expert, determined that the writing on the bowl "was probably Proto-Sumerian" comparable to writing used by Berbers in the Libyan Sahara years ago.

(Ibid) Is Puma Punku ruins, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Please look at video.

Sumerian writing at puma punku facts
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