Techniques that are used for employee development in an organisation

Job Rotation As the name suggests, job rotation deals with the continuous change of the employee positions within the organization to expand their knowledge and improving their skills as well as abilities.

This data gathering occurs simultaneously with the entire consultative process. As the name suggests it involves storming of the brain to develop creativity in thinking. It is a method of achieving organisational objectives and a technique of evaluation and review of performance.

He must be a man of integrity and responsibility and must command respect from the participating groups. Motivate employees to help each other learn new skills.

It is a useful tool for organisational development but it has diverse applications in training, counselling, interpersonal communication and making analysis of group dynamics. Along with a virtual training ground, it might include case analysis, role plays, experimental games, case by case studies as well as group interactions.

This rotation can either be vertical or horizontal, where horizontal rotation involves the temporary transfer from one position to another, laterally, whereas, in the vertical rotation, a worker is promoted to a new position.

The results of an appraisal help an employee know his shortcomings and how he can work on the same. Form various committees of staff members from different genres and skill sets. Ask employees to work in teams.

7 – Authentic Employee Development Methods

If a problem was not handled well, highlight the same as well. It also helps them to improve their skill within their group. This method of team building is used because people in general do not open up their mind and not honest to their fellows.

Information is collected through survey method. Let employees learn from each other.

Top 9 Techniques of Organisation Development

E H Schein has suggested the following steps for consultant to follow in process consultation: There is however a middle way which is represented by the point E or 5.

The managers who come under this category who usually fix high targets of production for their subordinates and employees and do not pay any attention to the needs and wants of their people.

So, the employees can enjoy the training without any external interruptions and disturbances. It is the organisation development technique which emphasizes on team building or forming work groups in order to improve organisational effectiveness.

It is impoverished management.Jul 20,  · These eight employee development tactics can be implemented within any size organization and will work effectively to shape a company’s future leadership. Whether an organization leverages a few or all of the tactics listed here, it is critical that each is used consistently, communicated clearly, and championed by leadership.

5 Effective Employee Training Techniques That Work. If these techniques can help employees use the acquired knowledge and skills from training, many large organizations still use this.

Methods/Ways of Employee Development

Employee Development Methods in HRM: A trained, well-maintained and experienced employee base that capable of performing most of the tasks related to a particular field is the basic need of every organization. Employee development activities help employees to enhance their skills and upgrade their existing knowledge for them to contribute more effectively towards the success of an organization.

Trainings and employee development activities make individuals reliable resources for the organization and motivate them to deliver their level best. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES FOR IMPROVING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE FOR GHANAIAN FIRMS By Juliana S.

Manu A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in employee training and development program in Ghana. This study. Organizations need to support and incentivize managers to perform this work.


Deal with the short-shelf life of learning and development needs. It used to be that what you learned was valuable for years, but now, knowledge and skills can become obsolete within months. This makes the need to learn rapidly and regularly more important than ever.

Techniques that are used for employee development in an organisation
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