The spiritual revolution

Surat Shabda Yoga[ edit ] Surat Shabda Yoga esoteric cosmology depicts the whole of creation the macrocosm as being emanated and arranged in a spiritually differentiated hierarchy, often referred to as eggs, regions, or planes.

A (Spiritual) Revolution on the Way?

The Yogi raises the Kundalini or life force through and thus transcends each chakra in turn, until he reaches the crown chakra and liberation. This reflexive action is akin to a knife trying to cut itself. A more "mainstream" scientific presentation of this same idea is provided by Erich Jantsch in his account of how self-organising systems evolve and develop as a series of " symmetry breaks " through the sequence of matter, life, and mind.

Interviews and Encounters Princeton University Press: Integral theory and spiral dynamics[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

Since the mind was given to man, it is this original creative impulse, epigenesis, which has been the cause of all our development[ What then starts to form, is a social consciences mosaic comprised of many diverse individuals expressing themselves freely in unique ways, held together by a vibrational force of love that naturally resonates a bigger more beautiful vibrational frequency.

As Aquinas put it in the thirteenth century, "The same spirit that hovered over creation at the beginning of the world hovers over the mind of the artist at work. Was The spiritual revolution Accident or Design?

One example of a parasite is a virus. If we remain in this separate shell without recognizing the connection we have with what lies beyond it, we are in a prison. Buddhism and evolution The concept of spiritual evolution has been taught in Buddhism. Where is our sense of appreciation for the gift of existence in this amazing world of two trillion galaxies a scientific fact discovered a couple weeks before this fateful election and no doubt left unreported in most of the media?

They did not operate out of hate or projection. Institutions are merely a reflection of the predominant state of consciousness of the population they serve. Blavatsky developed a highly original cosmology, according to which the human race both collectively and through the succession of individual reincarnation and spiritual evolution passes through a number of Root Racesbeginning with the huge ethereal and mindless Polarian or First Root Race, through the Lemurian 3rdAtlantean 4th and our present "Aryan" 5th Race.

Laws have been passed, unions have formed, and politicians have changed, but still yet, the parasitic virus remains alive. Unlike most types of classic Hinduism, the traditional Samkhyan philosophy is atheistic and dualistic.

These bodies developed over the yugas through involution emanating from higher planes to lower planes and evolution returning from lower planes to higher planesincluding by karma and reincarnation in various states of consciousness. Our institutions--religion included--are too timid to sail "into the deep" and away from the safe shores of the modern era which is, after all, behind us.

A new vibrational reality will never build a solid enough foundation to bring about real change until the collective of souls plants their seeds of love deep within the ground.

Local credit unions and peer-to-peer lending networks can replace national banks, cutting the power cord of control that the banks have over the currency. Dear Friends, HumansAreFree is and will always be free to access and use.

Pure spirit called purusha comes into proximity with prakriti psychophysical naturedisturbing its equilibrium. Rabbi Heschel tells us that "the world is not just here.

Spiritual evolution

How do we cure acedia? But it can also consist of things which we do not often think of as objects to possess, such as a new friend, a spouse, an academic degree, a more interesting job, or even spiritual wisdom. More recently in his book God and the Evolving Universe: According to spiritual evolution, humans build upon that which has already been created, but add new elements because of the activity of the spirit.

The feeling that we need to acquire something to fill up some hole in our lives tends to lessen, because, after all, we already have everything. A Zen Buddhist Looks at Evolution opposes neo-Darwinism and the selfish gene theory as he claims they are materialistic.Spiritual Revolution is a straight-forward book that clearly outlines ways to focus your life into that of a spiritual one.

With easy-to-remember principles, Michael Goddart guides the seeker towards a spiritual lifestyle in a positive direction.5/5(4). Spiritual evolution is the philosophical, theological, esoteric or spiritual idea that nature and human beings and/or human culture evolve: either extending from an established cosmological pattern (ascent), or in accordance with certain pre-established potentials.

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It is not a social revolution that is needed today, it is a Spiritual Revolution; A Revolution of true Holy Spirit transforming Power from the church into the culture. A spiritually-driven revolution in economics is needed because what we have is serving only the 1% and owns one political party and much of the other, and now may be redesigning this already.

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The spiritual revolution
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