Why christians should study secular literature

The Christian and Secular Literature

An accidental big bang would obviously be an example of an impersonal beginning. Let me give you an example. Ofcourse, reading literature also helps the learning process and thedevelopment of a unique writing style, as well as vocabulary.

Analyzing literature teaches you how to compare and contrastthings and how to analyze information in your daily life. I do not doubt that some middle school students are capable of understanding the worldview issues at hand and that they can benefit from reading and discussing works that challenge the Christian perspective.

What are importance of studying literature? If for no other reason, these two verses give good reasons why a Christian should study verses in the Bible. Literature is a beautiful and complex artistic expression.

Toni Morrison Importance of studying Philippine literature? What is the best way to train our children to respond to immoral behavior? Heck, it may not even be accurate. In brief, secular literature is Literature that is not religious innature.

Indeed, for Socrates, the soul is trapped in the body and longs for the day it may escape. Ever since creation, men had been thinking in sentences and arguing in syllogisms. Specifically, math deals with problems that have adefinitive answer, while literature is about interpretation andobjective insight.

When we read literature, we also discover significant differences.

What are key contributions of Christianity to secular philosophy?

At LCHS, scripture is used as the reference point for all literature studies. And, finally, their appeal endures over wide reaches of time. Why are they crying? October in Phoenix, AZ - Register today! Literature is essentially the art or written works, whether thoseworks are fiction imaginary or non-fiction factual.Whether a Christian should study secular literature that examines religion and religious beliefs depends on the person.

Someone whose faith is weak but yet feels the need to have faith, could put that faith at risk by studying this kind of literature and might be advised not to do so.


“Should Christians be Studying Literature and History from Secular Textbooks?”

READ PSALM - Answered by a verified Tutor DO YOU AGREE THAT CHRISTIANS SHOULD STUDY SECULAR LITERATURE. WHY? What can Christians do to adress these objections and.

Why Christians Should Study Secular Literature

Christians might be tempted to shy away from the "secular" topics handled in novels like We Are Water (or any number of other books sitting on the table in your local bookstore).

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes, offers another example of a book that does not promote a typically Christian perspective, and for exactly this reason is a book Christians should. The right question to ask is not should we teach secular literature, but how should we teach it.

By approaching the teaching of secular literature from a Christian perspective, we provide our students with the opportunity to read modern and classical literature AS they are learning Biblical truths related to the pieces they are reading. Of course, engrossing oneself in secular knowledge at the expense of growing in the things of God would be a great distraction.

on 16 Nov at pm 2 Ken Another thought: sometimes religious or spiritual knowledge can also be a distraction for those of us who love to read. The Christian classics, which are included in secular collections such as the Harvard classics or Penguin Publishers, are, generally speaking, works on the Christian faith whereas the “pagan” classics are all secular- literature.

Why christians should study secular literature
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