Women misrepresented within media

When contemporary media is negatively affecting the way women view themselves and are viewed by others, and resulting in them feeling as if they are not capable of being in certain careers and positions, it is then a problem that needs addressing and resolving.

Moriarty, Creative Commons It seems that no matter where you look, women are being made into sexual objects. The potential is not missing.

Being pretty gets you attention and fame, as shown though film. And yet they seem to be missing, replaced instead with female protagonists who spend Women misrepresented within media entire plot vying for the affection of a love interest.

It is unreasonable that though women make up just as much, and even slightly more, of the population of the United States, they receive not even one-fourth of the positions in government. Klaus said she notices that most female roles are less significant and dynamic than their male counterparts.

They were also less likely than males to have clearly identifiable goals or be portrayed as leaders. Studies have shown that sexism sells. Consequently, these important subjects are decided upon without the perspectives of those who will inevitably stand to gain or lose because of them.

And the audience wants wide eyes, which is part of the western standards of beauty. Film, television and literature affect the way we as a society think, and by continuing to let women be misrepresented within them, we are letting women be misrepresented in the minds of our nation. We cannot continue to let females develop the mind-set that they do not have the availability to assume roles in which they can make a difference to the nation and its people.

Personal financial planning major Jacqueline Klaus from Walburg, Texas, said she finds advertisements that objectify women not only degrading, but also detrimental to how she feels about her body.

The problem runs far deeper than the issue of whether or not a movie with a female superhero would be as successful as a similar movie instead staring a male. Their facial structures were changed to be more "white": Females accounted for 15 percent of protagonists, 29 percent of major characters, and 30 percent of all speaking characters.

Most of the scrutiny that the media receive when reporting on female politicians is their focus on appearance. Not all young girls are white. The way women are represented in the media carries many more consequences to our culture and country than what may simply be seen on the surface.

Media misrepresentation of women causes consequences

This affects men and women. Figures like these are an eye-opening glimpse of the representation women receive in our media and are a reminder to the American people that though females have gained many rights over the years, gender equality is far from being attained.

The United States is tied for 85th worldwide in percentage of women in national parliament, with roughly 20 percent of the Senate and 18 percent of the House of Representatives being made up of females. That number increases to 78 percent by age However, the title is based on being an object of beauty, and having superiority over other women because of your looks.

There is Women misrepresented within media shortage of intelligent females capable of being in these influential leadership positions. According to Klos report, 47 percent of gamers are women. This pageant conveys the message to women that how you look directly correlates to your worth in society.

Inwomen represented only 23 percent of leadership positions in the media industry. But it also has the power to influence the career, personal and leadership aspirations of many young women. The problem with such inaccurate depictions is the message it sends to our society.

Nina Duvuluri admitted to struggling with bulimia in her youth. How can young women ever see themselves and be able to be seen by others as strong individuals and potential leaders when they are not represented as such? At the same time that women are running for political office and fighting for jobs in male-dominated career fields, they remain consistently portrayed in the media as individuals with few desires other than the traditional stereotypes.

But the chatter surrounding the beauty in media muffles the voices of those women being talked about. She gave the game a nine out of 10 review, a high rating. By circulating limited and often disparaging portrayals of women, the media contribute largely to the under-representation of women in influential positions in the U.

According to Neiman Reportsonly three of the 25 U.Oct 07,  · The representation of women in media is not as diverse or equitable as most would like to believe.

There are many problems with the way women are portrayed. Representation for women should be well-rounded, inclusive, and diverse; this is not the case. The problem can be seen through these seven. 11 Ways Women Are Still Underrepresented In The Media “Women, it seems, have come far only if you count progress in inches,” said Kristin Gilger, the associate dean at.

Women Misrepresented Within Media “Portrayals of Women Internationally” Women are portrayed in advertising all over the globe. They are represented in television commercials, billboards, and magazine ads; however different countries have variations on the ways in which these women are presented.

The reasoning as to why these. Feb 11,  · Black women's progress collides with media stereotypes. True diversity isn't showing brown skin, it's allowing black women to be 'fully human.'. Tricia Earl, unit coordinator and academic advisor for the Women’s Studies Program at Texas Tech University, said media are a way to look at our visual culture.

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Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender Julia T. Wood Department of women, media are the most pervasive and one of the most powerful. Woven throughout our daily lives, media insinuate their messages into our consciousness at every turn. All forms of media communicate images of the sexes, within this group.

Women misrepresented within media
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