Write an information paper

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The three-drug group had a statistically-significantly higher number of patients 24 of the original 31 patients: Randomised trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice and Lactobacillus GG drink for the prevention of urinary tract infections in women.

In these cases you may not be able to think of any notable study limitations or strengths respectively.

Format for Writing an Information Paper

Remember that you are writing this for a physician, so you do not want to use the more simple language you would use when explaining a medical concept to a lay individual. Get now Need the best paper writer? It also must include the disease state or condition for which the drug is being used.

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Choosing a Topic Your topic will be written in the form of a question that the physician has asked you.

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Please do not use Endnote style or function for your references. Writing the Informative Essay The actual writing of the paper requires the following components: Background and reference materials will be included as enclosures only when necessary to understand the paper or when specifically requested.

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The solution is over here! The final statement in your paragraph should give your reader an idea of how the study fits into the answer to the drug information question.

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You will also need to turn in with the paragraph a paper copy of the study you outlined. Body -- Expands on the thesis and is the main part of the paper. It will then be logical to introduce the treatment for the condition in the next paragraph.

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Note that references 7 and 8 are internet sites and are given as examples of the correct format for citing something located on the web. The response is incomplete as written and requires a fairly extensive revision.

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Have no time for anything except assignments? It should contain an introduction that is at least two paragraphs in lengththe body of the paper including one paragraph for each study you reviewa summary or conclusion paragraph where you summarize the evidence, answer the question, and provide appropriate and specific recommendationsand your reference list.

Imagine now that all your academic problems and difficulties are solved at once.You will write this at a level appropriate to give to a physician requesting the information.

Therefore, for the purposes of this exercise, assume that a physician has asked you the question and requested a written reply, i.e., you will write at a level appropriate for a health care professional. An information paper provides facts in a clear and concise format (e.g., for use in a discussion paper or trip book.) The format may be altered to meet a specific need.

b. How to Write a Research Paper. SPORTSCIENCE, Perspectives/Research Resources. Department of Physiology and School of Physical Education, University of Otago, ; Green, L.

Writing a Research Paper

H. social sciences research introductory background information can often blend into the literature review portion of the paper, basic background information.

Information papers present information in a clear, concise, and standardized format. The term "fact sheet" is synonymous with information paper. The format for.

Information Paper How To

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Write an information paper
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