Writing a pioneer journals

Do not tell the students who has written the journal entries, only specify that one author is a woman, and one is a man. As before, do not tell students the author of the diary. Give the class enough reading for about minutes, and ask them to write a brief reaction about a page to what they have read.

You may want to list some of these reasons, which might include: People from many different cultures have written in journals for many different reasons, including personal reflection, record keeping, scientific observation, cultural analysis, and travel documentation.

Instruct them to place one name in each quadrant. Encourage students to write as much as they can and not to worry about making mistakes.

Ask the class to take out a sheet of paper and create a four quadrant grid by drawing a vertical line down the middle and a horizontal line across the center of the page.

Pioneer Writing Prompts

Begin by writing the question of the day on the board before students come into the classroom: Give the students about minutes to read and analyze these journal excerpts, using the following questions as a guide: Closure On a sheet of paper, have the students answer the following prompt: Homework Instruct students to bring a new spiral bound notebook or composition book to class to begin keeping a class journal.

Activity Day 1 1. Continue to look at journals kept by people of various cultures, exploring the reasons why they kept these journals and how they are useful reading to us today.

Allow the class about 5 minutes to ponder and answer the question. Allow the class sufficient time, about 15 minutes to complete this exercise, and instruct the class that their analysis will be collected at the end of the period.

Have students do this independently and write down their answers for individual assessment. Write the following writing prompt on the board: This notebook will be only for this class and will stay in the room.

At the close of this lesson, reveal the author of the text if students have not already discovered this, and give a brief historical background of this diary.Younger children enjoy practicing handwriting and doodling out ideas in a whimsically-designed diary or writing journal.

Older kids and teens appreciate having a. Of the Mormon diaries available to scholars, perhaps there is none which so adequately mirrors the times and locale of the writer and his people over such an extended time as does the diary of Hosea Stout. 26 creative book report ideas - so many really unique and FUN book report projects for kids of all ages Kindergarten, grade, grade, grade, Find this Pin and more on School Stuff by Rebecca Yates.

Heritage Gateways

26 creative book report ideas - so many really unique and FUN book report projects for kids of all. Emigrant Diaries and Journals. Oliver Harris Diary This diary is not a trail diary but is significant because Oliver Harris was a pioneer to Highland County,Oh and was the father of Eliza Shepherd Harris, a pioneer of The diary gives insight into life prior to the emigration.

Pioneer Writing Prompts Posted August 10, | by Kim Kautzer | in Writing & Journal Prompts, Writing Across the Curriculum Pioneer stories of the wild frontier. Our Pioneer Writing Journal is made with a solid leather cover (choose from 4 colors) and includes 90 sheets of blank paper.

You can easily refill it with any 6 hole journal paper - or of course you can cut your own to fit! This makes a great, thoughtful gift.

Writing a pioneer journals
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