Writing a reference strengths and weaknesses of the constitution

While the President is perceived to have the ultimate power in a democratic government which is manifested in his or her sole authority of veto power, Senators and Congressmen are likewise equipped with strong powers. It is now obvious how influential and affluent families have controlled the American lives through their total banking control.

Strengths of the Constitution The Constitution of the United States brags about its many powers or strengths that boost both the welfare and development of the country and its people.

This is for the reason that the basic and innate rights and privileges of the Americans must always be protected and upheld. This can be either a boon or a hindrance. Above all the strengths of the U. By principle, it adheres and responds to a lot of topics concerning the relationship of the national government to the state governments, the specific and innate rights of individuals, and other important characteristics of the implementation of the U.

Constitution in order to establish a dictatorship through financial means. These include their authority to create and enact law, to engage in foreign or external relations, to declare war, to confirm or not the appointment of Presidential appointees, and to act as a special prosecutor or judge such as in impeachment cases.

In many cases, existing laws were exploited to keep these groups firmly situated. Therefore, aside from being powered by its effectiveness and applicability, the U. Constitution was established, which identifies, sets, and explains the nature, extent, and implementation of the laws.

The above weakness, when applied to the current administration, seems to be evident in the way President Bush is reportedly perceived to be in control of some powerful or influential foreign faction of capitalists.

Although the strengths try hard to overcome the weaknesses, it is better to address the loop-holes of the U. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Constitution?

Constitution is a subject area where law is treated as comprehensive and complicated. Weakness of the Constitution It is a given fact that, for every strength, there is an equivalent weakness.

Constitution rather than hide them. Amendments add clarity to existing constitutional structure or add rights or restrictions. The original Constitution claimed to favor individual liberty but provided no support for women or slaves.

Through an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the U. This defect was eventually realized. By doing so, the financial burden brought about by the powerful foreign money is removed from the citizens.

By means of this system, the streamline limitations of the Executive PresidentLegislative U. It is disturbing to note that foreign businesses are allowed to sway government officials and political candidates.

Constitution, as well as their impacts to the nation and the people, it is essential, therefore, to analyze it in a manner wherein both their strengths and weaknesses are identified and assessed. However, some assert that its provisions need to be rigorously interpreted and implemented in the most exact way.

There are other constitutional scholarly people who noted that its authors purposely wrote the Constitution in such a way that it is obscure that needs to be submitted to a deeper explanation. To better comprehend and appreciate the laws binding the U. Aside from what was written in the Constitution, Mount added that the American history is actually full of bill of rights.

The Constitution divides federal powers between three main branches defined by the separation of powers doctrine and provides a system of checks and balances to prevent one branch from overpowering the others.

Meanwhile, the promotion and upholding of the rights of the people should indeed be retained. The Supreme Court, on the other hand, boasts of its sole power to implement laws.

This does not an elaborate explanation and basis because a democratic country is ruled by the people whose innate privileges should never be violated. In contrast to its power of promoting the rights of the people, the weakness of the Constitution manifests when political leaders are persuaded or influenced by leading business corporations in the country and even abroad.

Things to be Deleted and Kept If the Constitution is to be established today, there are things that need to be changed and kept in order for it to be more flexible and relevant, if not to be free of flaws. Full Answer The Constitution is the structure of fundamental political precedents, procedures and principles that the federal government has operated from since its creation in The 13th Amendment, inabolished slavery; the 14th, inmade slaves citizens, gave black males the right to vote and guaranteed everyone equal protection under the law; and the 19th, ingave women the right to vote.

This is because each of the three branches has its own specific power and function that, when applied, collectively advance the development and protection of the country and the American people.

This is because, in effect, they also influence the external policies being carried out by the country by leaning on their favor. The original portions of the Constitution, which included the Bill of Rights when ratified, are very specific about certain topics but vague about most others. Thus, the provision of sharing of sovereignty was included with the purpose of balancing the governing arena.Start studying Weaknesses of the US constitution.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A: The Constitution is difficult to amend because it requires a supermajority of either members of Congress or a supermajority of state legislatures to propose a new amendment for ratification.

Even after acquiring the requisite two-thirds of either group to propose the amendment, it then has to be ratified by 75 percent of the states, either by.

Weakness of the Constitution It is a given fact that, for every strength, there is an equivalent weakness.

Although the strengths try hard to overcome the weaknesses, it is better to address the loop-holes of the U. S. Constitution rather than hide them. The strength of the Constitution is that it relies on the American people to select and police their government officials.

That’s also the great weakness of the Constitution. Strengths of the Constitution. Weaknesses of the Constitution.

Amendments Process: Change can come to the Constitution, but protections are in place to protect it from political whims and mass public hysteria. Evidence comes in the form of the limited number of amendments since billsimas.com Government & Politics The Constitution Q: What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Constitution?

A: ingave women the right to vote. Adaptability is the Constitution's greatest strength, but change requires great effort and time. Learn more about The Constitution. Related Videos.

Writing a reference strengths and weaknesses of the constitution
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